John Deere’s new Skidder and Feller Buncher engines offer a simple design for strong power. Continuously evolving to improve and exceed customer expectations, John Deere is excited to introduce the new Skidder L-Series II and Wheeled Feller Buncher. The new L-Series II machines are simple in design, providing a reliable and robust solution, while maintaining productivity-enhancing features, including increased hydraulic speed, large grapples, and improved weight distribution. The new L-Series II machines offer reduced downtime without changes in power and productivity. Make sure you check out the john deere service manuals to help you if you have any problem with the machine.

The new, simpler L-Series II models enhance the customer experience by reducing maintenance and increasing uptime due to several changes. Other changes to the machine include a reduction in the complexity of the electrical and hydraulic systems as well as an increase in component placement. The wiring on the John Deere machines was rearranged so that they would not stick together in the machine Other changes to the L-Series II engine include efforts to increase productivity. This new skidder model offers up to a 10 percent increase in grapple picking strength. Articulated steering sensors enhance the operator experience, ultimately increasing productivity. A new 4000 two speed winch replaces the previous one-speed winch. In addition to the new changes, the L-Series II Skidder and Wheeled Feller Buncher retain the productivity-enhancing features that logger lovers loved in the original model. From a comfortable operator station to strong and durable axles and large grapples, the L-Series II models offer loggers the features they need to handle tough jobs.

Offering a one-button Quick Dump feature, the Wheeler Feller Buncher increases efficiency by pressing a single button to release trees in one smooth motion. Additionally, the head-tilt and arm functions are combined to help minimize fatigue while increasing productivity. Another industry-changing feature on this skidder that is carried over from the previous models is the durable axles – especially the Outboard-Extreme axle. This model features a pressurized continuous lubrication system and independent axle filters which extend service life. The Outboard-Extreme’s powerful axles – standard on the 848 and 948 models, and optional on the 748 – feature larger components, providing maximum durability in the job site and heavier weight for increased tool stability.