One of the insects whose presence is unwanted at home is the ant. Although not carrying diseases like other pests, the presence of ants is still disturbing. The ant approaches the sweet food source. Plus, ants often come in large numbers, until the food container on the table is contaminated. This is certainly very disturbing and must be removed from the home pest control orange county. You have to call pest control orange county that can expel all the ant colonies in your home without killing it.

1. Wrap the lid of the sweet food with a rubber band
Ants like to go to sweet foods, such as sugar, sweetened condensed milk, syrup, and others. To prevent their presence near the sweet food, you can outsmart it by tying the lid of the sweet food container using a rubber band. That way, the sweet aroma is even more difficult to smell the nose of the ant.

2. Brush the place that ants often visit with petroleum jelly
Ever heard of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? Yes, this one item is indeed famous as a skincare product. But who would have thought, petroleum jelly is also considered effective as a way to expel ants. The aroma and texture of the gel are sticky to make ants dare not approach. You can apply petroleum jelly to a place where ants often visit. For example, a cat food container, table legs, cupboard legs, and other places.

3. Sprinkle flour in the area around the ants gather
Flour can also be used as an ingredient to repel ants. Sprinkle flour in the path where ants often pass. They will find it difficult to break through the row of flour that has been sown and will choose to leave.

4. Put a few betel leaves
Betel leaf is known as a traditional medicine that can cure various diseases. But apart from that, betel leaf is also considered effective for repelling ants. How to use it is quite easy. Simply place a few betel leaves in a place frequented by ants, and the ant will avoid these spots.

5. Spray lemon water to where ants often visit
Ants don’t like the sour aroma of lemons. For that, you can use this method to drive away ants. Put the lemon juice into a spray bottle, and spray lemon water in the cracks of the doors and windows, or the side that ants often visit. You also dripping lemon juice into the hole or gap where ants enter.