The first step in washing is to open the air conditioning pipe. There are two parts of the pipe that must be opened, the large pipe and the small pipe. The two pipes are connected by two-way valves and three-way valves in the outdoor air conditioning section. Use a spanner or monkey wrench to do this. However, if you are unable to do so due to your busy schedule, we suggest that you hire aire acondicionado tijuana and repair services.

The next step is to install the manifold hose on the Freon R22 and R11 gas sections.

After installation, the next process is to enter Freon R11. This type of freon will be useful for removing oil and dirt from the pipe. To speed up driving, the Freon R11 will generally be outnumbered by N2. When you are ready, insert the Freon R11 into a small tube by opening the R11 tube faucet.

Slowly open the blue faucet on the manifold. Do this until the R11 gas can enter the pipe. If R11 has entered the pipeline, close the blue faucet on the manifold securely. Then turn off the tap on the cylinder containing R11 gas.

At this stage, an additional boost is needed by using the R22 freon. To do this, open the red tap on the collector. Then also open the R22 tube. Be sure to cover the large tube with your hand, press firmly until high pressure is reached. Then remove it and close it again.

Repeat this several times and then let the oil and dirt dissolve because R11 gas can escape through a large pipe. Do this several times until no solution remains and R11 gas remains in the pipeline. After that, turn off the red tap on the R11 manifold and the tube tap.

The last step creates a version on all the connections that have been installed. Turn on the air conditioner once more as usual. After that, check the function of the air conditioner to see if the condition of the air conditioner has returned to normal.

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